DIY-Viral Marketing

Within this world of selfies, hashtags, and info-graphs people consume, connect, and recycle ( not all in that order) at high rates. Now, when news goes viral it happens quickly, without warning, and sometimes for no respectable reason. If you can tap into how your customer relates to your brand the world “going viral” will be a piece of cake.

According to, “Facebook has the biggest lead generation for both buyers and sellers. 77 percent declared they had made customers through Facebook”. So part of going viral is knowing how to “speak to your customer is key to getting any campaign noticed. Consumers are so over just shopping. They want to know that when they do so it is an experience and something worth talking about and sharing.

Blendtec went viral becasue they showcased their products in a funny and very real way. Though IPads aren’t normally blender friendly Blendtec entertained and informed consumers.


Content is King: Honda leveraged Pinterest fans and potential Honda buyers to pursue their dreams and get paid while doing so. This campaign was so popular because it used the power of great content buy consumers and one of the fastest growing and useful social media tools((Pinterest) to engage consumersHonda Pintermission

Emotional Connection: Dove used real women to describe themselves and have a sketch drawn from that description. The sketch artist the completed his own version of the same women. Dove Real Beauty hoped to shine a light on how women hold themselves in a low esteem, only seeing flaws, versus what the campaign was made to do, inspire real beauty. This type of viral marketing is both personal and insightful without being harsh and or cold.

Sware by Facebook: Grey Poupon utilized Facebook to access your personal page and sift through your friends, personal messages, and photos to determine if you belonged in the “society” of Good Taste. For people who enjoy Facebook games this should have appealed to them. Grey Poupon Society of Good Taste

Solve a Problem: Blendtec managed to make blenders interesting but also accessible to all age groups. I’m confident that one of the reasons the campaign did so well is because it instantly solved a problem that many of us had never thought about. Will my Ipad survive this beating? The answer obviously was no.

Be Original: Old Spice used their Old Spice Man, Isiah Mustafa, to respond to various question on social media. Already, known for being half man and half horse, the Old Spice mascot gained over 7 million views to date. At the end of the day people want to laugh and share the gift of laughter with their friends, millions of times over.

Though going viral is now associated with all things related to social media, people want to feel, more than anything that content is genuine and not forced. Please realize that to be funny, reflective, or even triumphant brands have the to take the power to access the deepest happiness and fears within their consumer and wait for the appropriate responses.



4 thoughts on “DIY-Viral Marketing

  1. I love the example of the Old Spice Man. That was one of the best viral campaigns that I can remember, and it was all over the internet. People wanted to watch and share the commercials over and over again, which got Old Spice a lot of business. They could not have had a better campaign to get them out of their old and outdated rut. They showed the world that they were still relevant and not only that, but that they could harness the power of social media marketing with the best of them! Great post.

  2. Chardee, this is such a great post. An interesting observation of how people are viewed by their products and media consumption. Placed in the context of the news, one can say even one’s consumption of news can be subjective. However, the greater point is the value here, learning your audience style and taste makes for viral, “a piece of cake.” Great post and visuals.

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